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Electronic marketing

It is fact that if you would like to survive in the current technological era, you should get in the on-line game. Here are a few tips to consider.


Identify the goal of your web site.

You site must have a reason for its existence and in addition to being visually appealing, the landing page must have relevant copy.  



Measure your web site’s performance.

Your goal must be embedded in the design of your site. It must guide the user to where you want them to go. Use Google Analytics or other measurement tools (such as a site survey) to analyse results. 



Your web site must build your brand.

Your web site is a brand building tool. The look and feel as well as the content should contain brand building elements. The web site should support messages conveyed in other channels as well.



Utilize social media 

Keep abreast of social media comments about your site. Manage it effectively. Use the input from your consumers to gain knowledge about the market place. You must respond daily to social media comments



Use e-mail communication effectively.

Send the right message to the right person at the right time. Importantly, keep the Consumer Protection Act in mind – you are only required to send e-mail to people who gave your company permission to do that. Only send relevant information.



Set up Google Alert

In this way you keep abreast of what is being said about your industry and your company.



List your partners with links to their sites

List companies that are involved in your business. They will appreciate the publicity and you will increase your own company’s exposure.



Communicate the same message across the board.


Do not confuse your customer. Communicate consistently across all mediums.


Keep your web site content fresh.


Content is still king when it comes to web site content. Keep it fresh and relevant.


Create a blog

Start a blog and maintain it with a consistent and regular posting schedule. Remember to do research on topics. You can also ask an expert in your field to comment or write for your blog, especially if you do not have time.



SEO alone is not enough.

Ensure that all channels work towards building your customer base, not only the web site.



Use customers to build trust

With the social media at hand, encourage customers to post how they experienced your product/service. Word of mouth is still very powerful!




Manage your electronic mediums daily. 

Electronic communication is immediate. Keep track of what is happening on all your electronic channels and adapt or change where needed.




Remember the golden rule: it is all about relationships!

It is not only about the electronic channels, but how you utilize those channels to build relationships that are important.


Maybe we should start by asking if outsourcing can even be considered a solution? Well, it all depends on your company’s culture, structure and managerial style. The latter will also play a huge role when you need to decide on outsourcing or not.


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