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Our business ethos

We’ve dealt with numerous companies in a variety of industries and based on experience we came to the conclusion that one of the biggest challenges in marketing is the management of expectations.

Therefore, please keep the following in mind when dealing with Armadillo Communications as it sets the scene for a successful business relationship:

AHelp us to understand your business. You know your business better than anyone! It is your brainchild, your passion, your life. Help us to understand it, because it will help us to formulate your strategies.

RTrust us to do the best we can with the knowledge and resources to our disposal. Don’t keep information from us that will prevent us from giving you the best advice. If we need to keep information confidential, let us know.

MLet us plan together. Last minute briefs and action will compromise quality. The earlier our support and expertise are called in, the better we can meet your expectations. Marketing and PR is not a quick fix – it takes time to have an impact and keep it there.

AEveryone in the company is a marketer. Each employee must be committed to internal and external communication and the importance of it for the business.

DCommit to market research of any nature.
Ask us why!

IBe clear on the limitations in terms of time and money.

LLet us agree on the deliverables. There should be consensus about the outcome in terms of deliverables and the monetary value coupled with it.

LDebrief regularly. Success and failure belong to everyone. You do not employ an external company to blame them – ultimately the success of any marketing and/or PR campaign is a joint effort between role-players in both companies.

OAnd last, but not least:
Talk to us regularly! We welcome constructive feedback on progress.


Just as the armadillo, our team comes with a lot of energy – energy that will make a difference to your business!


Maybe we should start by asking if outsourcing can even be considered a solution? Well, it all depends on your company’s culture, structure and managerial style. The latter will also play a huge role when you need to decide on outsourcing or not.


Want advice?

Do you have a question or need some marketing and public relations advice? Contact us and we will do our best to provide you with expert advice.


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