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Plan + do + measure adapt = manage! 

Some small business owners shy away or even dread the word ... marketing!

Mostly because they do not have time to plan or execute marketing actions. In most cases, marketing is a huge expense and if you lack the required expertise, there is no way of telling that you are getting value for your money and time spent. Bigger corporations usually outsource their marketing assignments while others have the luxury to employ full time marketing staff.

Irrelevant of where you are in the business industry, the following marketing principles – or steps - are universal:

Marketing is a science and planning your marketing campaigns is just as important as the financial monthly report. Pay the same attention to the marketing plan as you would to your financial and/or human resource programmes.
A marketing plan’s true test lies in execution and impact.
Each marketing activity should be measured. If the action’s impact cannot be measured, including it in the marketing plan should be reconsidered. Executing actions without measuring impact could be waste of valuable time and money.
Your marketing programme should be a dynamic document. As you execute and measure, your company should be resilient enough to adapt and change the marketing plan where necessary.


Maybe we should start by asking if outsourcing can even be considered a solution? Well, it all depends on your company’s culture, structure and managerial style. The latter will also play a huge role when you need to decide on outsourcing or not.


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